MARAC resources & guidance

The following Bexley resources and guidance should be used to identify risk, make a referral or complete research:

MARAC referral form with Risk Identification Check List (DASH) >

MARAC research form >

MARAC Operating Protocols > includes information on the local MARAC process in Bexley, including guidance on information sharing and the MARAC process itself.

MARAC information leaflet >  for victims to explain the MARAC process and what will happen. If it is safe to do so, someone being referred to the MARAC may want a printed copy of this leaflet or they could access it online through the website.

Referring to MARAC with no consent

In some cases, a referral may be completed to the MARAC without the victim’s consent. If you are making a referral to the MARAC and you do not have the consent of the victim to do so, you will need to follow your agency’s guidance on information sharing in these cases and explain clearly on the Bexley MARAC referral form or contact the Bexley MARAC Coordinator.   Email: >

The Bexley MARAC is held twice a month.